Collaborating with Autism Labs to Share Individualized Supports

At John 13 Community, our goal is to provide each citizen with personalized living accommodations and individualized support that promotes independence and safety. While we are working with developers and other professionals to plan our community’s first homes, the J13 approach for joyful, purposeful lives is meeting citizens where they are.  

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and intellectual disabilities are accompanied by unique and wonderful characteristics. There are limitless modifications that can be made at home to support these unique characteristics throughout the day. We are excited to share about our collaboration with Autism Labs, which will assist John 13 Community share ideas that speak to families and care-takers of individuals with disabilities. Check out the Autism Labs website Autism Labs – Video Tips & Training for Parents and Caretakers of the Severely Autistic to learn more about home modifications and behavior strategies that we are using to support independence and safety for our citizens.

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1 thought on “Collaborating with Autism Labs to Share Individualized Supports”

  1. My son attended the adaptive climbing event on Saturday the 3rd and Crux did a great job with a wide variety of disabilities. The volunteers were very helpful and friendly. He would definitely like to come back, which says a lot!
    I would love to get the newsletter if you could let me know what I need to do.
    Thanks for everything, Jill Haas


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