Community Program

What is it?

Our Community-Based Day Program provides activities for adults with developmental disabilities that build upon their unique strengths and talents. Participants engage with our Community Coaches who assist in developing individualized skills and socialization that result in joyful, life-long memories and relationships created in their local community.

What do we do?

We collaborate with families and community partners to teach and maintain communication/socialization, recreation and executive functioning skills that open the door to community engagement.

How do we do it?

With in-depth information gathered during our application/enrollment process, our team develops a Person-Centered-Plan that guides individualized goals and activities. Furthermore, our team implements evidence-based strategies and data-based decision making to teach and maintain skills, respond to challenges and maximize success for our participants.

Where do we do it?

We are so grateful for our first community partner, Crux Climbing Center (Central Austin on Tuesday’s – South Austin on Thursday’s) which provides a rich environment for community-based activities. As we grow, we will offer additional opportunities in other community settings.

When do we do it?

Currently, our Community Program is held from 9am-4pm on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. (3rd program day coming this summer!)

Who do we serve?

Our program is designed to serve adults with IDD.

How much does it cost?

1 day per week: $520/mo

2 days per week: $1040/mo

3 days per week: $1450/mo

What else should I know?

  • Our greatest desire is to set every person in our program up for success and to provide an environment and experience that fosters joy, purpose, flexibility and fun! Creating this experience may include additional support from care attendants provided by your family to assist your loved one during program activities. The need for a care attendant will be addressed during our admissions process and is subject to change at any point during the enrollment process.
  • J13 Community does not currently provide transportation for our participants to, from or during the Community Program but both of our program locations are located along Cap Metro bus lines.
  • While we focus on developing a repertoire of skills that promote flexibility and growth in a workplace environment, our program does not guarantee future employment.
  • John 13 Community is currently private pay only and does not accept insurance or waivers at this time (we are exploring future Medicaid waiver options). We do provide a Tuition Assistance Partnership Program in which we provide support in assessing the financial needs of your family, consider the life-long impact on your loved one and explore creative support raising options.

How do I join the Community Program?

Admissions Application and Enrollment Steps

Step 1 Learn about J13

Parents or guardians review the Community Program Description, FAQ’s and learn about our community on our website.

Step 2- Complete the Community Program Interest Form 

Please complete the following Interest Form to tell us about your family’s previous experiences and interest in our community and future programs.

Step 3- Call with John 13 Community’s Admissions Team

After learning about your family’s previous experiences and future interests, our Executive Director will schedule a call to learn more about your loved one and family.

Step 4- Resource referral/proceeding with admissions process

After learning more about your family and loved one the admissions team will either proceed with a program application or connect you with additional resources to better support your loved one and family at this point in the journey.

Step 5- Community Program Application

If the admission team decides that your loved one is ready to move forward with the admissions process, our team will send you the Community Program Application along with steps to complete and submit.  There is a $75 non-refundable application fee to be sent by check to 3112 Windsor Road #386 Austin, TX 78703 before we can review your application. 

*Completion and Submission of the Community Program Application does not guarantee placement into the Community Program

Step 6- Application Review

The admissions team will review your application and decide whether your loved one is ready to proceed with the admissions process.

Step 7- Family Interviews, Observations and Volunteer Days

If the admissions team decides that your loved one is ready to move forward with the admissions process, congratulations! We will schedule interviews and observations with your family. If the Admissions Team decides your loved one may be a good fit for the Community Program we will schedule a volunteer day for your loved one to “try out” the program.

Step 8- Enrollment 

After observing and evaluating your loved one in the program the admissions team will decide if the Community Program is currently a good fit for your loved one. If so, welcome to J13 Community! We will send you an enrollment packet which will initiate and guide the enrollment process.

A $500 enrollment fee will be collected to cover the cost of our enrollment process which includes: 

  • Additional interviews, consultations and observations conducted by our Program Coordinator and Executive Director at home and in community settings with your loved one
  • Developing a transition plan to create a fun and successful experience as your loved one integrates into our Community Program
  • Individualized Person-Centered-Plan developed by our Program Coordinator that will guide life-long learning, support and growth for your loved one 
  • Training our Community Coaches on the unique strengths, needs and goals of your loved one